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Community Purpose Leadership Education

Our vision is to engage urban communities directly in the promotion and development of community infrastructure. This includes the revamping of the local school system to promote STEAM, Vocational Apprenticeship, and Agricultural research in its curriculum. UEP remains steadfast that education in these disciplines is the key to the independent success of communities that have fallen short of national standards due to systemic policy issues.

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About UEP

The Urban Education Project, also known as UEP, is a grassroots organization that started out of a necessity to teach, mentor, and coach urban communities into purpose.

We believe that the key to every community’s success is in our seven disciplines:

(1) Education Reform 

(2) Financial Literacy/Empowerment

(3) Electoral Empowerment

(4) Health & Wellness

(5) Real Estate Empowerment

(6) Business Ownership

(7) Humanitarianism


Our seven disciplines are an algorithm to not only raise the economic floor in the urban community, but a multi-lateral approach to build a strong foundation.


We pride ourselves on being Bridge Builders to success in our communities, by providing a vehicle for change for people who want to see aggressive solutions.


Our mission is to accelerate and amplify the impact of success through a blueprint of innovation.


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